2017 – non-fiction book reviews

Ike’s Bluff by Evan Thomas.  This is a  biography of President Eisenhower’s presidency.   It covers the period from 1953 to 1961.    It is an interesting biography as it explored how President Eisenhower used his skills as a poker player to bluff foreign leaders and government officials alike.   He frequently would pretend to support a policy or delay a decision to give others a chance to make the case for a policy he supported.

He was the first president to deal with the constant threat of nuclear war with Russia; however, he had a secret weapon, the U2 spy plane which allowed him to know just how weak Russia was as an opponent.    However, he did not let anyone know including the American people to protect his source of information.    He also had serious health issues including a heart attack while president.  This book gives a clearer understanding of what he accomplished in his 8 years as president.