March 2019 Art Show – Artist Raymond Pratt

Raymond Pratt

Process of the Simulacrum

March 2019

Raymond Pratt was born in Orlando, Florida and officially became a Texan in 2011. Since then he has worked to become an all-around Artist, working with every medium he can get his hands on. All mediums are

open to him for use and he find himself eager to add practice of any new ones that he discovers to his repertoire.

Exploration as an artist took him on the path to create mixed media works

out of a need to escape the two-dimensional surface. For him, the process of integrating different mediums to produce something removes the limits of what can be created, allowing for that desired exodus from the flat. Raymond creates forms that spurt out of the flat level surface, thus pushing his perspective back into the world.

He invites interaction by making the viewer look deeper into or around some element leaping out at them to draw the viewer in. He wants the observer to be as close as he has been to the piece. The inspiration for the subjects that he uses comes to him through observing pop culture, current events and Texas. Many of these pieces put an abstract spin on what he sees and what Texas embodies to him.

He has curated these pieces to show the simulacrum that is Texas with its iconic images, textured pieces, and full bodied pieces. He sees it as his job as an artist to share the funny or ironic and the beauty from his life experiences so that the viewers see the same in theirs.