How to contribute?

North Texas Giving Day

Help the friends by spreading the word for North Texas Giving day, Sept. 22nd this year. Our goal is to raise just over twice the amount we raised last year, which was about $900.

North Texas Giving Day


Kroger Grocery Stores circular blue and red 3D style logo

Link Your Kroger Rewards Card

Support Oak Lawn Library Friends via KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS.

Kroger Community Rewards Program

It’s easy to continue your support every time you shop and use your Shopper’s Card. Just login to before August 30 and select your current organization or pick a new one. Our ”new year of giving” starts September 1, so re-enroll now and make every shopping trip count!   The Oak Lawn Library Friends # is 41560.

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Rewards

  • If you shop at Tom Thumb, you can link your Tom Thumb Rewards card with Good Neighbor Charity #2923. OLLF will get 1% of all the money you spend at Tom Thumb. For more information, visit Tom Thumb’s Good Neighbor Program webage.


Link your account with and go to   Link your account with Oak Lawn Library Friends and 0.005% of every purchase you make will benefit the Oak Lawn Library Friends.


Donate Your Books and Magazines

We regularly accept donated books and Magazines. The Friends have regular books sales throughout the year to raise money and awareness for the library. Donate your unwanted books and magazines to the Friends! Just bring them inside to the circulation desk and tell them you’re donating them for the book sale.


Be a Book Hero

How can I help?

You can support the library by donating to cover the discounted cost and processing of new materials. With your donation, you get the first look at the book. Your request for the item you purchase will be processed immediately when the item comes in.

How it works

  • Please contact us at for more information and title selections.
  • The book, DVD, or CD will become part of the library’s permanent collection, but it will be sent directly to your library location once it arrives and will be held for you to check out.

Oak Lawn Library Friends

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Library Phone: 214-670-1359

The Oak Lawn Library is a branch of the Dallas Public Library system


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