January 2018 artist – Ed Brooks & Tom Herrin

Edward Brooks
Edward Brooks is a retired architect living in Dallas. During his career he designed medical research and teaching laboratories for The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, The University of North Texas Health Sciences Center in Fort Worth, and numerous other healthcare facilities and University buildings.
He has had a lifelong interest in photography.
It has been said that art is just the exploraon of a di*erent manner of seeing or expressing images of life or ideas.  Taking a photograph and reversing the light and color spectrum produces an otherworldly image that seems to reverse the visual reality we see every day.
Find that experimenng with negative imagery produces some fascinating photographs.  I began experimenting with this approach in the 60’s in Germany long before digital technology insinuated itself into photography. I was limited to black and white photography and darkroom process’s.  Digital
photography has greatly uncomplicated the process and allowed the relatively easy production of color images.
I have not manipulated these images other than the normal minor cropping or brightness and contrast adjustments.  I believe that major manipulations, (easily accomplished with digital photography) compromises the integrity of a photograph and crosses the line from photography into graphic art.
Reversed images provide an interesting variety of visual images true to the original photograph.
These images have been taken in travels around the world as well as locally.

Tom R. Herrin 

Born and raised in Italy, Texas, Herrin has enjoyed the outdoors his entire life. From hunting with his Dad and Brothers, to Boy Scouts with his Son, to road cycling across Texas and Colorado with friends, most activities have been outdoors. Photography as a hobby has logically followed with interest in wildlife, scenery, outdoor travel, sports/action, and Grandchildren. Herrin’s images have been recognized by the Creative Arts competitions at the State Fair of Texas.

 Professionally, Herrin is a Structural Engineer in Dallas. He and his wife have children and grandchildren in Murphy, Texas and Austin, Texas.

Here are some images from the current show: